Technology for production process balancing

SizEng informs that it has developed a software for the analysis of production capabilities in manufacturing systems for the increase in productivity. It differs from the PLC, which is a programmable electronic device that receives and sends signals for data collection, this product has a low cost, it is versatile to have several adaptive programs and is able to take data in real time for a short time. Currently it is in a patent process. This product has the ability to perform a count of activities or objects and allows the control of different variables (time, units, activities, etc.). Through the different electronic add-ons that can be incorporated, it realizes a census in real time of the activity or process that you need to study. You are currently in the testing and validation phase of the product. It is expected that with its launch to the market SizEngfacilite the decision making in the companies as reducing the time of the engineers to realize studies of processes and to position as pioneers in the industry 4.0

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