Control points

Control point 1.0 – To analyze the production


Control point for monitoring and control of movements, products, lines of any scheme

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It is rate control devices that allow the manufacturing industry to collect, through sensors or scanners, production information, facilitating data collection, avoiding errors and providing an immediate analysis of information through software to establish strategies to follow more profitable possible.


  • Obtaining data through counting devices.
  • Analysis of data collected in a computer program.
  • Making informed decisions.
  • Implementation of improvement.
  • Movement sensors.
  • Heavy use and high temperatures.
  • Material sensors (Steel, plastics, corrugated.)
  • Versatility to manage any process.
  • Productive


  • 1 sensor connector for movement
  • 1 sensor connector for raw material usb cable
  • Device with circuits
  • Cover for rough use and high temperatures
  • Screws and flutes




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