Managing the complexity of manufacturing variables

SizEng takes a step towards innovation by registering the work
 “Managing the complexity of manufacturing variables” before
 the Public Registry of Commerce, which is a user’s manual
 that provides step by step the instructions for using the platform
 SizEng that manages integrated methods for the administration of
 production capacity with the use of complex variables in
 manufacturing systems of a web environment.
 This work explains how an organization can innovate
 technologically and structurally through the use of the platform
 SCx that has the tools to increase the
 productivity of a manufacturing process in an economy
 competitive at an international level.
 The platform standardizes and increases the capacity of
 manufacturing processes in a fast and structured way.
 In this way SizEng sets the pace for growth
 exponential in an organization in an orderly manner and
 homologo .   Homologate: is to verify compliance with certain
 specifications or characteristics of an object or action.

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